Chrissy Teigen Knows Why Kim & Kanye Don’t Smile

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have mastered the steely gaze and perfect pout in paparazzi pics, but you've probably noticed they rarely crack a smile. Now we know a little more about why. Well, sorta.

Model (and Kim & Kanye pal) Chrissy Teigen shed some light for us when she spoke with Elle.
"What I love about Kim
and Kanye is that I think they save their happy moments and their
smiles for themselves, rather than sharing
everything with the public," she said in the interview.

"And listen, when a camera is shoved in your face trying to take a selfie you do not want to smile," Teigen added. Hey, we get it. We just hope North West doesn't grow up with a permanent grimace on that adorable face. The interview also mentions that amazing photo of Teigen posing with hubby John Legend, West and Kardashian hitting up Waffle House over Super Bowl weekend.

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"It seemed very random, but if you know me, it wasn't that random. It was actually my first time ever at a Waffle House. I was at the DirecTV party that night and we'd seen Kanye just completely kill it onstage. I was like, 'Do you guys want to go to Waffle House?' It wasn't that crazy because the night before I went to Taco Bell and the night before that Jack in the Box. No one thought anything of it and they all came with me." Teigen told Elle. Unsurprisingly if you know anything about Teigen, the supermodel also dished on — you guessed it — food. She joked about packing on the pounds, her favorite fast food spots and what she buys at the grocery store.  Read the full interview at Elle.

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