Kim K & Kanye Explain Why They Never Smile

Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have plenty of reasons to be happy. They just bought their neighbor's house. Yeezy was voted most stylish man of 2014. They have a baby who looks like this. Yet, we rarely see either of them smiling for the camera. We're not talking about paparazzi photos of the couple walking down the street. We mean those red-carpet photos where a stoic looking Kimye skips the conventional ear-to-ear pose.
Now, the world's most talked about couple has offered some explanation as to why they often nix the grins.
Kim's reasoning boils down to her looks. She posted a picture on Twitter Monday afternoon in which she's laughing, smiling, and looking quite beautiful. "See I do smile," she captioned the photo. "Not too often though, because it causes wrinkles." Basically, Kardashian doesn't smile much in photos for the same reason you try not to frown all day. To each her own.
Mr. West's explanation, though, is naturally a bit more existential. The star also took to Twitter to explain what's up. This is from October:
Photo: REX USA/Richard Young/Rex.
Sometimes, though, the couple can't help themselves. They're crazy in love, and occasionally a lucky photographer succeeds in capturing a candid moment.

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