McDonald's Will Accept Selfies As Payment

This Sunday, McDonald's will be tugging at your heartstrings with a touching Super Bowl ad all about love. Even self love.

Through February 14, McDonald's will allow random customers to Pay With Lovin'. As the commercial demonstrates, Lovin' could be defined as a family hug, a little pirouette, a phone call to your mom or um, a selfie.

"From selfies, hugs, to high fives—we have a bunch of fun ways to express your Lovin'," a McDonald's spokesperson told ABC News.
We're all about self-confidence, but we're not 100% sure a selfie qualifies as lovin', but why argue with free fries? 

As cheesy as the ad is, it's still a cute concept. The hugging may have gotten us a tad choked up. Maybe it was just thinking about that dancing dude's strawberry sundae. Don't judge.

Video: Courtesy McDonald's.

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