Who Tweeted It? — Justin Timberlake Vs. Kerry Washington Birthday Edition

If you're going to have to share your birthday with someone, it might as well be with someone awesome. Justin Timberlake and Kerry Washington each scored on that count. The singer and the Scandal star were both born on January 31, which means they are both now a year older, a year wiser, and a year sexier. 

Before we bring out a big birthday cake shaped like a bottle of Cab Sav, we thought it'd be fun to test your J.T./K. Dub knowledge. You can identify that Timberlake falsetto from a mile away, but can you spot his signature tweeting style? Would it surprise you to learn that Washington doesn't tweet like Olivia Pope probably would (#gladiator #ivegotthis #stopcallingmefitz)? 

Go on, put your detective skills to the test by trying to ID which birthday kid wrote which tweet. There's no prize — but try not to cheat anyway.

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