This Rabbit Brings His Owners Beer In A Tiny Cart

Wallace is a rabbit of many talents. His primary skill is being fluffy, which he's really and truly acing. His other, possibly more important talent is his new ability to deliver beer in a tiny cart. The cart is even labeled "beer cart," because of course it is. According to Wallace's owner's post on Reddit, the rabbit goes for a small piece of fruit at the top of the cart. As a result, the beer is pushed along. "This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment," the man told Gawker. "I have been collaborating for the past year with my girlfriend's pet rabbit to create performance art and 'happenings' that capture this rabbit's capabilities and worldly passions. In a million years, neither Wallace nor I would have guessed that our creative endeavors would take this route, but after such a long journey we arrive at this significant moment." Significant, indeed.
Wallace's owner says that once he gets good at it, he'll post a tutorial of how you can train your own rabbit to do the same. Of course, we imagine the owner will still have to load his own beer into the cart each time — unless he can train Wallace to get the beer from the fridge, too.  This video confirms my suspicion that pet owners all secretly wish their animals would just get a job already or find other ways to contribute to the house while they're just sitting around all day.

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