Alexa Chung Has Inspired Our New Insta Obsession

Photo: Courtesy @Artlexachung.
Has Alexa Chung been taking her fashion cues from the Met all this time? Is fashion's great master just riffing off of the Great Masters? Or, is the it-Brit such a powerhouse muse that's she managed to inspire countless works of arts centuries before her birth? 

The style star has at least inspired our new favorite Instagram feed. Spanish sisters Beatriz and María Valdovín have created the @artlexachung acount to note the similarities between their favorite model/muse and works of art. Whether it's Degas or de Goya, it's just all so uncanny. 

Not surprisingly, the feed has already garnered close to 6,000 fans in its infancy. They're in good company. The sisters say that Chung herself was the first to follow the feed. Such a tastemaker, that one.

"We [tagged her], and a few minutes later she liked our first pics and followed us," Beatriz told Elle. "Later, she re-grammed one of our posts and the number of followers started to increase — we got 1,000 in just one day! It was such a great surprise."

What can we say? Genius loves company.

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