Miley Cyrus Talks (Not) Growing Up, Her Pet Pig, & Doing Her Own Makeup

Spending 10 minutes talking face-to-face with Miley Cyrus is a tough thing to prepare for. First, there's the question of which Miley you're actually going to get. Will it be the adult-ish version of Disney Channel Miley, all stickers and glitter, with a laugh that can only be described as a chuckle? Will it be "We Can't Stop" Miley, who dances with Molly and can't stop the party? Or, will you find pixie-cut-meets-twerk Miley, who just doesn't give a f*ck?  Truth be told, the Miley we met wasn't really any of the above. She was honest, animated, and funny. And while, yes, she's a bit caught between adulthood and a nostalgia for the childhood she never had, she's the first to admit it.  Kicking off her role as MAC Viva Glam's 2015 spokesperson, she's releasing two exclusive products with the brand today: a hot-pink lipstick and a matching shimmery lip glass. Continuing in their efforts to help those affected by AIDS, Viva Glam's giving every cent made from both products to the cause. To celebrate the release, Cyrus sat down with us face-to-face. Dressed in bedazzled denim — jacket, skirt, and crop top — and Margiela platforms, Cyrus looks exactly like you'd expect: a glittering ball of energy and spunk and sexiness. But, then, she starts talking, and all expectations go right out the window. Ahead, Cyrus discusses sex, passing out without washing her face, and that time her dad spied on her at the prom. 

MAC Viva Glam has done so much for AIDS awareness and helped
people affected by AIDS. Why is this a worthy cause to you personally?
"I think especially because I’ve never been afraid to talk about sex or sexuality. I think
a lot of people don’t have [anyone] to start that
conversation, especially in the age group I’m
talking to. There are not a lot of people who are open and free to talk about

"[I want to] end the
stereotype and the stigma that goes along with people who are affected by [AIDS]. I
think it’s telling my fans exactly what it is, and what we’re
trying to do to cure it, and how they can prevent it, and starting the
conversation. But, also prevent [it].
For some of my fans who don’t know about safety in sex, and what
the protocols are, [I want] to be the one to educate them."

Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics.

 You’ve done a lot in your life — it's hard to believe you’re
only 22. Does it sometimes feel like
’re older than you are?
"Yeah, sometimes, when I'm around people that are my age — and,
not in a bad way. But, they feel younger to me, in a way, because in my life I’ve had to realize a lot, a lot quicker.
I never want to feel like I’m preaching or whatever, but I’ve
kind of just learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot about myself. Even [touring] was a big self-realization kind of turning point for me. So, sometimes,
yeah, it’s hard to relate, I guess. It’s weird. But, it’s also really refreshing to be around people that are my
age, too, because there’s something simple and free.
And, I had a lot of weight on my shoulders when I was younger, so now I kind of
tell people, you know, I’m 22, but sometimes I feel like I’m
12 or 13 because I wasn’t always able to be 12 or 13.

"I go
back and forth between being who I am, which is kind of mature — people kind of
know what I’ve done — to just being a total baby. I totally just want to
play. That’s why I’m doing arts and crafts all day. You
know, building teepees and forts out in my backyard. It’s insane! My walls…my
whole room now has My Little Pony decals all over the place. It’s
like, I’m supposed to be mature, but that’s what it’s
like. My bed is all pizza — it’s a pizza bedspread
and pizza pillow. With a pig chair, because I have a pig — so when you walk in,
my couch is like this giant

Does the pig sleep on the pig chair or on the pizza bed?
"On the pig couch! But, now, the pig’s gotten so big that it’s bigger than the pig couch. I also have a bean bag that looks
like money kind of all stacked up, and he was passed out on that the other day. Who gets to go in [their room] and see a pig passed out on
Benjamins?! Totally knocked out! This pig is so L.A. This pig only
eats salad. This pig’s on a diet. This pig is super vegan."

That’s a skinny pig.
"Well, the pig got huge! My friend had
a pig, and the pig outgrew the house, so they had to get rid of the pig. I’m
like, I can’t do that. Now, the pig’s on a diet."

Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics.

Do you think you like acting younger because there are certain moments you feel you missed out on as a child while you were working?
"People always bring up, 'You never went to prom, you never went
to dances'...The Oscars aren’t
nearly as fun as prom. But, I got to go when I was younger. So, [I got]
that good balance. I did get to go to a few school dances with my friend who was in school — he was gay, so I had
the best date ever. I would go and never have to be alone. Most
people would go with their date, and get stuck with their date. I’d
go with my date, and it was like a free-for-all — you
could meet everyone in the school. That’s how I really met people [my age]: going with
him. We’d be on the dance floor tearing it up, obviously. We went
matching. I’ll never forget — we had matching Betsey Johnson, both
of us in turquoise. But, I looked out [that night], and my dad was watching
from outside in the parking lot. My dad was parked in a car and peering
through the window, watching the dance the entire time. My dad literally drove me from the Hannah set to the
dance — and then didn’t leave. Just sat in the parking lot
like a creep."

What is your biggest beauty regret of all time?
"There’s one time I let someone who doesn’t color hair color my hair, and I woke up with all my hair on my pillow. He was like, 'I don’t color hair, I cut hair.' I said, 'Ok, just do it! I want my hair blonde! Come on, just try!' He did it. I woke up with all my hair on the pillow. The next day, I had a big shoot with Rachel Zoe — I had a mild meltdown at that point."

What was the biggest beauty risk that turned out to be a big success?
"Cut my hair. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t tell my mom — I didn’t tell anybody." 

Who are your all-time beauty icons?

"I’m kind of all over the place. My godmother’s
Dolly Parton, so you gotta give it up to her. Also, someone I’m
really close with is Joan Jett. I remember working with her the first time, and
she obviously does her own makeup, does her own hair. I was so into that — that’s such a freedom. You’re
an artist, you should look the way you want to look, not the way other people
want you to look. I want to be part of choosing everything. That was kind of a big revelation in my life." 

Do you do your own makeup now?
"Oh, yeah! I’ve been taught how. Shit’s
probably all over the place, now! They just yelled at me because I took the testers in
the back. I was redoing my shit with the testers. MAC's been really great and sent me a bunch of stuff. I’ve
got my professional kit now."

How hard is it to wash your face every night before

"This is what I just talked about! [It's] why I don’t
go out, and why I don’t wear makeup when I
go out, and I’ll just wear
lipstick — if you pass out, it’s
fine. I
was Dolly for Halloween. And, I woke up as Dolly. There’s
nothing more harsh-feeling than waking up like that, with the wig and the
makeup, and my eye was kind of shut from the eyelashes. It was like my fake
eyelashes stuck on my real ones. So, washing your face is key. You
just gotta zombie it. You gotta just walk over there and make yourself do it. I
was talking to my facialist about it. She was like, 'Girl,
you need to just wash it, just moisturize it, don’t
do anything else. Just get it off your face.'” 

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