The Cutest Baby Animals From Nat Geo‘s Instagram

We know everyone and every animal has to grow up, but when National Geographic posts a new baby animal image on their Instagram feed (which is a must-follow for a look at photos from around the world), we want to keep them babies forever and ever. Harp seals getting kisses from their mamas. Curious whales saying hello to boats. Even a baby jackal is cute. Who knew?
"A harp seal mom sniffs her pup before feeding to make sure it is indeed her pup. A behavior known as the ‘Harp Seal Kiss’ photographed at sunset in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. This species faces growing challenges with the loss of sea ice due to climate change."
"A juvenile #BelugaWhale gently explores the stopped propeller on our work boat in the St Lawrence River Estuary. The juvenile whales were very curious and would investigate everything new in their environment. They swam up to my camera and felt the large glass dome."
"A #jackal at night on the #Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in #Kenya where the @SararaCamp Lodge is. This place used to be dangerous with warring tribes and the landscape looked very different, but today it is thriving. It's incredible to see how resilient nature is if we give it a chance."
"I have dreamt of swimming with killer whales in the wild since I was a kid. That dream was exceeded by a mind-bending, heart touching reality while exposing the frailty of the Norwegian fjords on a expedition in 2014."
"A young emperor chick gets acquainted with its polar surroundings while both parents look on with great curiosity. Standing at nearly four feet tall and weighing up to 80 pounds, these majestic birds never ceased to amaze me with their grace, power and nurturing behavior."
"I have mentored many photographers primarily teaching them about the importance of becoming conservation photojournalists. Scientists predict that the Arctic will be void of all sea ice during the summer months in the next 10 to 30 years having dire consequences for polar bear populations."
"A cub lying in a riverbed with its mom. An image from my upcoming National Geographic Magazine story on Leopards — the most adaptable and persecuted of our big cats. To learn more about saving big cats go to"
"Hey look at that squirrel!! Two cubs lying in a riverbed with their mom checking out a playmate — or dinner."

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