Woman Actually Plays Dead to Get Out Of Date

What would you do if the person you're dating dies? Or, if they tell you they died? We get that dating isn't always fun, but one Daily Mirror reader took some seriously desperate measures to get rid of a guy.
After three dates, Ann Gray, 29, from Somerset, England, decided she wasn't feeling the chemistry with the man she'd met on an online dating site. It happens. Gray told the Daily Mirror she tried to let him down easy, but when that didn't fly she flat out said "it wasn't working for her."
Now, we'd like to think any normal guy would've chalked it up to a loss and just gone on his merry way. Nope. He not only continued to message her, but he also started to get downright creepy. Eventually Gray says she received a message that said, "I think we need to have a date tonight! I will be around your house in 30 minutes." Um, excuse me?
Instead of blocking the guy's number (which, let's be honest, may not have worked anyway), Amy pretended to be her sister texting him from a hospital where she was ill. But even that didn't stop him. He wanted to come and visit her! How warning bells weren't going off in Gray's mind way before it escalated to this, we're not sure, but it sounds like survival mode was necessary ASAP.
He texts that he's outside the hospital. What's a girl to do?
Pretend she's dead, apparently.
With one succinct text, Gray suckered the guy into thinking she'd passed away during the night. Problem solved!
Fast forward a few months later, and the guy comes across Gray on the same dating site very much alive. He did send her a horrid message, but thankfully did not resume the chase. [The Daily Mirror]

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