An Expert's Guide To What To Wear In Extreme Music Situations

Fall comes after summer, and winter comes after fall. What comes next, for a select few, isn't spring, though, it's music-festival season: from Coachella in April all the way until cut-offs become impractical again. It's the most magical time of the year, where every weekend involves a slew of live shows that can't be missed. And, if there's one act you really need to catch this time around, it's Florrie.
Photographed by Paley Fairman. Hair and makeup by Jenna Garagiola.
Drummer, singer-songwriter, and all-star music person Florrie is going to star in the upcoming spring H&M Loves Music campaign, which means you'll be seeing her face on your clothing labels, as well as on stage. As far as her credentials go, she's lent her sticks to Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, and Kylie Minogue, and was part of the influential mid-2000s Brit production house Xenomania. (Check out her most recent single, "Too Young To Remember," here.) Besides being a whiz on the drums, she can also put together a mean look. This very combination of musical prowess and weird-meets-wonderful style helped her secure this gig with H&M.
Says Florrie of the collab: "H&M is a brand that I've been a fan of for a long time — literally since I was at school. My school bus used to stop outside of an H&M, so my friends and I would be in there all the time, picking out what we wanted to spend our pocket money on! It's been amazing to work on something together."
Photographed by Paley Fairman. Hair and makeup by Jenna Garagiola.
To see Florrie flex both her muscles, we asked her what she would wear when placed into a few extreme music situations. Her wisdom, below.
You're headed out to Berghain at 8 a.m., don't speak German, and need to get in to see your favorite DJ. What do you wear?
"I played a show there a few years ago! It is CRAZY in there. If I was going all night and day I'd want to be comfortable, so I'd probably wear leather trousers, a cool T-shirt, and either some chunky black boots that were easy to dance in or sneakers. I have a really cool pair that are black high-tops with gold toes. PLUS some sunglasses for when they open the shutters. It literally feels like it’s the middle of the night, and then they suddenly let the daylight in and everyone’s like, 'AHH!'"
The perfect style of sleeves to battle Neil Peart in a drum-off:
"No sleeves! I like to be as free as possible when I'm drumming, so either no sleeves or short sleeves."
Photographed by Paley Fairman. Hair and makeup by Jenna Garagiola.
You're going to a dance party and are actually planning on dancing your face off. What shoes do you wear?
"I do love to dance my face off, although I'm not really a dancer. I like to make up my own moves à la David Brent from The Office. I would always wear something that I don't have to take off after an hour because my feet are bleeding; I feel like I've done that, so now I prefer to wear flats. I like having a bit of extra height, so would wear chunky-heeled biker boots or platform sneakers."
Your tried-and-true music festival outfit, when you're planning on crowdsurfing to the front.
"Hm, a skirt or dress wouldn't be very practical for crowdsurfing, especially not if it’s being broadcast on TV. Haha — practical crowdsurfing! So, I would probably go for a playsuit and a leather jacket and wellies. I like bright-colored wellies — yellow, or silver, or sparkly."
What is the ultimate vintage concert tee in your dresser drawer?
"A Spice Girls T-shirt that my dad bought for himself when we went to see them in 1998! It has them all on the front and it's all faded and three sizes too big, but I love it! He lets me borrow it if I ask nicely..."
Photographed by Paley Fairman. Hair and makeup by Jenna Garagiola.
The H&M Loves Music collection with Florrie will debut January 22. We'll update right here as soon as images are released.

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