You’ve Got To See Kim Kardashian’s Before-&-After

A lot has been said about how much time Kim Kardashian spends on her makeup routine. People have fawned over her and dissed her — typically in the same comment thread. But, it's pretty impossible to deny the level of artistry that goes into her regimen. Don't believe us? Please direct your attention to the before-and-after above, posted by her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.
Dedivanovic, who's worked with Kim for seven years, posted the photo from one of his master classes in NYC. Apparently, after his model bailed at the last minute, Kim flew in, surprising Dedivanovic and his class. She stood in as the model, and then offered some pointers on client-artist relationships. Kinda sweet, right? Also, how many of the students do you think lost their minds with excitement when Mrs. Kanye West strutted into their classroom?
We're just going to say what everyone is thinking, but may not want to admit: Kim looks amazing in both photos. Sure, she may be wearing a ton of makeup in the second one, but she still looks like herself. Her features are just enhanced, which is pretty much makeup's number-one goal. The cheekbones seem more chiseled, the eyes look wider, and the brows are more even. We're willing to bet that's what most people are hoping to achieve when they step in front of a mirror — though maybe not to such a red carpet extreme.
Dedivanovic did some pretty amazing work on Kim. And, Kim did a good deed for a friend. If one (or both) of those things don't give you warm, fuzzy feelings, then we don't know what will.

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