3 Things Kim Can Do To Prevent Wrinkles, OTHER Than Not Smiling

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By now, you've already reacted to the reasoning behind Kim Kardashian's refusal to smile in photos (possibly with an epic eye roll). If you haven't, here's a refresher: Kim doesn't smile because it causes wrinkles. Naturally.
To be fair, Mrs. Kanye West isn't totally off-base. Smiling — like frowning, squinting, or generally moving your face — does cause wrinkles. It's a part of life — we emote, therefore we wrinkle. Plenty of people Botox their way out of this problem.
But, we say a life full of smiling is better than one without it, crow's feet or not. Luckily for Kim, there are plenty of things she can do to prevent wrinkles other than not smiling.
If she wanted to kick it old-school, she could test-drive Frownies, which basically act like muscle trainers. You wear them overnight, and they help tighten and tone your facial muscles. They can actually help reduce wrinkles you already have.
Kim doesn't mess around, though. Anyone who has gotten a vampire facial could definitely survive microneedling. Tiny needles puncture the epidermis of the skin, and work to lift, tighten, and firm. Wrinkles? Please.
Now, if she wanted to get Kanye involved, may we suggest facial massaging? Just giving your visage a proper rubdown once a day can lead to more toned, glowing skin. You just have to know how to do it the right way. And, when Kanye is away, Kim can do it on her own. Isn't that worth smiling about?
Look, everyone's anti-aging regimen is different. We're not here to place judgment. But, we'll wear our laugh lines with pride. We think you should, too.

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