Emma Stone's Pantsuit Is An Awkward Girl's Dream

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Her category's not even up yet, but if you ask us, Emma Stone's already had a pretty amazing Golden Globes night. She won the adorability awards by bringing her brother as her date. She had maybe the best amiably-snarky reaction ever to Tina Fey's joke about her basically being a walking Margaret Keane painting. She also wore one of the more distinctive outfits of the evening: a stunning Lanvin jumpsuit.
With an elaborately beaded bodice, cropped satin trouser, and elaborate, floor-length sash, Emma exuded offbeat glamour. And, the outfit gave her something to do with her hands during all those red carpet interviews, too (pockets: the awkward girl's best friend!). Here's hoping the pants on the red carpet trend will take off — oh, and that Birdman bags her Best Supporting Actress, too.

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