Banksy Trades Spray Can For Pencil In #JeSuisCharlie Drawing

Ed. note: The artist of the reported Banksy drawing has revealed himself to be James Walmesley. The mystery of Banksy continues.
On Wednesday, gunmen attacked the offices of French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The tragic event left 12 people dead, including the magazine's editor-in-chief and four prominent cartoonists.
Since the tragedy unfolded, it seems the entire world has come together in solidarity to support the people of Paris and their incredible loss. Demonstrators raised pens in the air to show the writing instrument is a stronger weapon than any gun. Now, social commentator and graffiti artist Banksy has stepped up to contribute.
Banksy typically operates as an artist of the streets, using graffiti and public spaces to display his work. For this particular drawing, though, the a drawing seems more appropriate. The illustration is like a timeline of events. Though the pencil breaks, the ideas it produces remain intact. The hashtag #Jamesuary suggests Banksy may dedicate his works this month to remembering Charlie Hebdo.


Une photo publiée par Banksy (@banksy) le

Banksy also reposted an illustration from artist Lucille Clerc. Because the image exists on his account, many mistook the drawing for one of Banksy's own. However, the London street artist was sure to credit Clerc in sharing her image.

RIP @lucille_clerc

Et bilde publisert av Banksy (@banksy)


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