Parents Are In An Uproar Over Play-Doh's Penis Toy

Photo: Courtesy of Hasbro.
A distinctly phallic-shaped baking mold is causing Play-Doh performance anxiety. Many parents were thrilled to give the company's Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset to their kids this holiday season. But, when the toy's different components came out of the box, parents realized that the piece used to pipe icing on the cake bears an overwhelming resemblance to a penis.
Disappointed parents took to the brand's social media pages to voice their concerns about the product. Some made up their own clever names for the frosting device, such as the "dil-doh." One mother even blamed the Cake Mountain playset for ruining her daughter's Christmas. Play-Doh added even more fuel to the phallic fire when it started deleting the angry comments.
The brand finally posted a message acknowledging the "feedback about the extruder tool." The company is currently working to update the frosting device to look more birthday cake than birthday suit.
A few Play-Doh fans managed to have a sense of humor about the whole situation. "I salute the designers who somehow managed to get this Play-Doh icing maker past their bosses," @saladinahmed tweeted.
Another Twitter user made the point that, "People are harassing @PlayDoh because a part looks like a penis. So should we ban the Washington Monument because it too resembles a penis?" Touché, @RosinaPhoto.
Play-Doh's frosting extruder isn't the only children's toy that's made adults balk. We found seven other toys that blatantly add double meaning to the term 'plaything.'
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Rad Repeatin' Tarzan
What is he doing with his hand?
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Photo: Courtesy of Mattel.
Harry Potter's Vibrating Nimbus 2000
This now-discontinued battery-operated toy vibrated, which we didn't realize was part of the Quidditch experience.
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Shape Shifter Punisher
With a literal crotch rocket.
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Dora Aquapet
Shaped like something else that starts with a "D."
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Wolverine Squeaky Hammer
Surely there were other places to put the blow hole.
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The Oozinator
The kids in the commercial don't look thrilled with the gooey surprise coming out of this gun.
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Batman Water Gun
Things that exist: 1966 children's toy edition.
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