Underwater Engagement Pics Are A Real Thing & They’re Perfection

People are having underwater engagement photo shoots, and it's so romantic we can barely handle it.
Water reduces sharpness and contrast — it's basically a built in filter — the shots are soft and dreamy. Dresses, hair, flowers and people float, creating a unique romantic look you can only get underwater.
Want a shoot like this? Many photographers are now offering this as part of an engagement package, so check with local photographers. They're usually shot in a pool (sorry to break the illusion) by the photographer who is wearing SCUBA or snorkel gear. You'll want to pick bright colors to wear — if you search for these you'll find lots of gorgeous red dresses — and clothing that isn't restrictive. Keep your makeup light (waterproof mascara is a no brainer here, right?) and don't worry about smudging — the water and light is nature's filter.
Then you need to get ready to hold your breath and kiss your fiancé underwater. It's actually easier than it looks, as your photographer will likely walk you through some poses before you actually hop in the pool.
Vintage looks so fresh in this underwater shot.
Under the sea, darling it's better...
These two are obviously the fun couple in their crew, right?
Don't you love how their faces reflect in the water?
So. Pretty.
Black and white adds even more drama to this epic shot.

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