Ed Sheeran Has The Perfect Man For Taylor Swift

Photo: Courtesy Instagram.
When you're single, everyone always has an opinion of who you should date. Not even Taylor Swift is exempt.
In an interview with British magazine Now, Swifty pal Ed Sheeran revealed his own matchmaking plans for the single singer. Turns out he's found the perfect man for Tay, even though she's said a million times that she's happily single and not looking for anything.
So, who is this dream dude who's going to rescue T Swift from a life of spinsterhood and Lean Cuisine meals for one? Orlando Bloom.
"He's lovely, and they live in the same building," Sheeran explained. "[I'm hoping that] the magic might present itself eventually."
Cringe. Doesn't he know that Bloom has already been linked to Selena Gomez? Or that a grown man picking fights with Justin Bieber is kind of a turnoff?
In fairness to Sheeran, he did successfully set up Courteney Cox and rocker Johnny McDaid, who are now engaged. Still, we think Single Swifty is pretty cool on her own. If these photos of her holiday travels are any indication, girlfriend's not exactly flying solo. Some may call her a crazy cat lady. We just call her awesome.

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