This Holiday Beauty Trend Will Warm Your Heart

Some holiday beauty trends pretty much force us to give the side-eye (ahem, beard ornaments). Others cause our hearts to swell with so much joy, we feel they may just explode. #Christmaschemobrow is the latter. Thought up by the ultra-inspiring Younger Breast Cancer Network, it's a way for women going through chemotherapy to embrace their brow-less-ness by replacing their sets with tinsel, wrapping paper, and more.
The hashtag #Christmaschemobrow pulls up quite a few images when you search it on Twitter. Each photo shows a smiling woman with a festive set. One woman got carrot brows, Frosty the Snowman-style. Another slapped a candy cane over her eyes. Others went a more sparkly route, using tinsel, glitter liner, or present bows.
"Christmas can be a difficult time of year for younger women going through treatment like chemotherapy for breast cancer, especially when it is making them ill and preventing them from joining in the festive parties and celebrations," group member Sarah Perry told BuzzFeed News. Instead of removing themselves from the party, they've found a personal way to celebrate.
It's a totally inspiring, completely rad way to show that just because these women have cancer, it doesn't mean they can't find a whole bunch of happiness during the holidays. Aside from loving the sense of humor of the participants, it helped remind us exactly what this time of year is all about. Rock on, ladies. (Buzzfeed)

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