The Most Surprising Thing New Yorkers Spend Money On

On Sunday, The New York Times reported on 18 metro areas and how the spending habits of its residents relate to the national average.
While some may think that New Yorkers are throwing their cash away on take-out and cabs (and, well, we might be), it turns out we're actually spending a serious amount of dough That's right — NYC residents dish out 597% more on timepieces than the rest of the United States. So, there is officially no longer an excuse for being late.
Other splurges include mostly material items (men's suits and underwear, women's footwear and undergarments, and cosmetics), dating services (of course), and charity. Things we're not putting our money towards? Cigarettes (thankfully), pets (because who really has the room), and, despite the city's number of hipsters, bicycles.
Illustrated by Sandy Ley.
Across the country, however, there was some equally strange spending news: Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco residents spend 160%, 330%, and 250% more respectively on alimony; the people of Atlanta allocate 230% more toward new motorcycles; and game-loving Seattle citizens drop 220% more on — wait for it — pinball.
The least surprising statistic? The fact that Miami residents are spending 290% more than the rest of America on sound systems. What else would you expect from the clubbing capital of the world? #Ultra4Ever.

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