Taylor Swift Dresses Like Paddington Bear, Nails It

It's been almost a month since Taylor Swift was named an official ambassador of NYC, but she has yet to abandon her old wardrobe and embrace the all-black uniform that's widely worn by longtime New Yorkers, according to the stereotype (and our own closets). In fact, it seems as if her style has become even sunnier since moving here, perhaps to counteract the perpetually dreary weather we've had these last few weeks.
Yesterday, Taylor was photographed leaving her Tribeca apartment wearing no fewer than four different Crayola-worthy hues. That's a whole lot of primary color in one outfit. In a particularly bold mixing move, Swift paired a checked canary-yellow toggle coat with teal Hudson jeans and a bright green sweater. Since it's December (and since the weather outside is truly frightful), she added a little festive cheer in the form of a bright red beanie and matching lipstick.
Paddington Bear comparisons aside, Swift's colorful winter look is the cheeriest thing to happen to Manhattan this week. And, best of all, it's an easy outfit to steal for yourself.