Proof That Blake Lively's Style Hasn't Changed With Pregnancy

Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images.
Blake Lively's a relative newbie when it comes to #stylethebump, but it doesn't seem like she's having much trouble figuring out what will flatter her changing shape. The first-time mom (who's an uncomfirmed number of months along) is making her own set of rules when it comes to maternity style, and the proof is in this outfit from last night’s L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth event. The Age of Adaline star was glowing on the red carpet — due to the pregnancy, sure, but also because of her killer dress.
Forgoing anything oversized — which was never really Blake’s thing anyway — the actress slipped into a slinky, bump-hugging black dress that dipped low in the back. The gown was a far cry from the empire-waisted, super-ruched situations we’ve seen in the maternity section before. And, it was very sexy, feminine, and slim-fitting, which falls right in line with Blake's usual taste. The lesson here? The best maternity looks are ones that don't force you to change your style or step outside your sartorial comfort zone. For Blake Lively, that happens to be the kind of garment that makes you look ridiculously gorgeous.

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