Britney’s Best Video Moments Of All Time

It's Britney's birthday, y'all! On one hand, it seems impossible that the former teen icon is 33. On the other hand, can you really remember a time before Spears? Neither can we.
In a perfect world, MTV would devote its December 2 programming to playing all of the pop star's videos back to back. Instead, they've got their hands full with a Ridiculousness marathon and True Life: I Want To Change My Man. That means we have to step up.
Without further ado, we present 10 of the best Britney videos of all time. Yes, they skew in favor of the older stuff, but that's because a music video shouldn't double as a perfume ad, and we've had it with Plenty of Fish product placements. No, there's no Madonna or, because we wanted it to be all about Ms. Spears. And, yes, your coworkers will totally notice if you start dancing in your ergonomic office chair. But, why let that stop you? Hit it, Brit!
"...Baby One More Time," 1998
Those pigtail braids. That skirt. It's the video that started it all. (And, yes, some of us are still wearing this for Halloween.)
"(You Drive Me) Crazy," 1999
Britney plays a waitress, while Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier remind us that it was once completely normal for the two of them to be paired up in a teen rom-com. Ah, the '90s.
"Stronger," 2000
Oh, the things that girl could do with a chair.
"Lucky," 2000
This tale (premonition?) of a poor little rich girl was pure TRL catnip back in the day.
"Oops!...I Did It Again," 2000
The Titanic quotes. The hair. The heart-thump dance move. The latex jumpsuit. Perfection.
"I'm a Slave 4 U," 2001
Hello, Sexy Britney. PETA may have found the singer's snake-wrangling offensive, but just about everyone else was too entranced by the sensual moves to notice.
"Toxic," 2003
Like "Womanizer" and "Stronger," this classic was directed by Joseph Kahn. There's just so much to love here — from that bitchin' flight attendant uniform, to the nude-but-not-really get-up, to hitching a ride with Tyson Beckford.
"Everytime," 2004
Oh, Brit. Why so sad? Oh, that's right. Stephen Dorff is playing your awful boyfriend.
"Womanizer," 2008
If we're going to have to suffer through a cheating boyfriend, we'd like the experience to be soundtracked by Britney.
"Till The World Ends," 2011
Isn't apocalypse Britney so badass in her Burberry biker jacket? A welcome return to form.

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