What It's Like Inside The Victoria's Secret Private Jet

Rushing through the airport, schlepping all your luggage, and just praying that your overbooked flight miraculously takes off on time: If this holiday weekend reminded us of anything (other than how grateful we are for food, family, and stretch pants) it's that air travel is about as far from glamorous as possible. That is, unless you happen to be one of the lucky 47 models chosen to walk in this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway show.
The lingerie giant has never been one to do things halfway, so when it came to bringing all of its Angels to London (where the show takes place tomorrow), the company ditched the commercial flights in favor of a luxe private jet. And, judging from Instagram, the models didn’t skimp on their outfits, either. Rather than relaxing in roomy trousers and cashmere tops (our preferred travel uniform), Angels like Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss, and Adriana Lima went for skintight pants, leather jackets, and 5-inch heels. Even the comfiest part of their outfits — matching sparkly VS hoodies— were cropped to show off the results of months of gym time.
They may not be the most airplane-nap-friendly ensembles, but these holiday travel outfits put even the dressiest airport gear to shame. Click through to see how the models made the jet their personal runway, then stay tuned for the real thing next Tuesday, December 9 on CBS.

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