Bros Being Basic Is Our New Instagram Obsession

With all due respect to pumpkin spice lattes, lululemon yoga pants, elevator selfies, and the ladies who love them, they're a bit...overdone. So overdone, in fact, that the menfolk are taking action with their own parody pics and hashtags. Behold, Bros Being Basic.
While we're not 100% certain some of these dudes were purposely being ironic — that one guy seems genuinely overjoyed about his cupcake — their Instagram impersonations are pretty spot-on. They've got the #OOTD selfies, self-gratifying Marilyn Monroe quotes, and "I Woke Up Like This" pics down. Anyone else feel a shudder of recognition with the pedicure pinwheel snap? Guilty as charged.
Sure, we gals could always create a parody account of our own. But, does the world really need more boring car detail shots and blurry bottle-service pics? Nah. (Witty & Pretty)

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