The Best Boyfriend Is One That’s Actually Just A Blanket

It's cuffing season, y'all. But, a new invention promises to make that cold-weather loneliness a bit more bearable. Marie Richer, an art director, has created a substitute for those who can't be bothered to cuff someone for the winter. Enter: Manket.
Manket is a custom-made blanket specially designed to "fill the pit of loneliness and despair that often accompanies cold winter nights," according to Richer. The standard Manket, priced at $115, includes a choice of skin color, hair color, and facial-hair intensity. You can give the Manket muscles, clothing, or just have it be naked.
Richer can customize your Manket to resemble loved ones, ex-boyfriends, or celebrities. So, a Ryan Gosling Manket is a real possibility. Or, maybe you want it to look like your long-distance boyfriend. No request is too crazy. "People like to add penises to their Mankets, because Mankets are usually naked, and maybe they feel more realistic that way," Richer told us. "I'm also currently making a Manket that is a smiling pizza slice, who, I guess, is male-gendered, so technically still a Manket." Your boyfriend can be pizza. It's finally a reality.
Richer was inspired to create the Manket when she had to make a piece of art for a charity auction while her then-boyfriend was away for three months. "I wanted to make a quilt, and I guess I entered into some sort of trance-like state, because when I was finished, the quilt was a man," she told us, noting that the initial Manket is the only thing that remains from the relationship.
Not only is the Manket lovely for this dreary season, but it makes a cheeky gift. Richer says it's the perfect present for "anyone with a bottomless pit of loneliness inside them who needs to be hugged constantly, or for people who love attractive blankets that will love them forever." The Manket's best quality? It will never dump you.

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