Teddy-Bear Dog Is Back — On A Treadmill

The holidays can be tough, especially with forecasters calling for an epic storm that's about to wreak havoc on all of our travel plans. Halfway through your transit delays, you'll undoubtedly wonder, "Why am I even doing this? Just to have an enormous meal and hear how my uncle feels about immigration reform?" If these sound like sentiments you'll likely be facing soon — please stop everything you're doing and watch this new video of Munchkin the Shih Tzu right now. It will make everything better.
Remember Munchkin? She's the adorable little pup with a teddy-bear costume that makes her look like either an Ewok or a teddy bear with a dog's face Photoshopped on it, depending on who you ask.
In this new video, Munchkin squeezes in some last-minute exercise before Turkey Day. She's not pushing herself too hard, just a little light aerobic work a treadmill. While she definitely inspired us to get up for a quick jaunt around the office, we wouldn't kid ourselves into thinking our stroll is nearly as cute as a dog in a teddy-bear costume on a treadmill. Munchkin wins every time. (Mashable)

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