Kylie Jenner Wore An Entire Box Of Fake Eyelashes Last Night

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Here's a funny fact about Kim Kardashian's baby half-sisters: Kendall Jenner may be the one with the fancy Estée Lauder contract, but it's Kylie's overdrawn lips and contouring that nobody can seem to get enough of.
"Kendall likes the look of makeup," explains Rob Scheppy, one of the sisters' go-to glam gurus. "But, she doesn't really like the feeling. She likes a very clean, fresh makeup...Kylie does her own makeup pretty well. She's 17 now, so she wants to show people that she's not a little girl."
Perhaps, that explains why Scheppy rendered her signature, overdrawn '90s nude pout in a shade of burgundy for last night's American Music Awards. "She's pretty specific about how she likes to look, and normally we do her typical thing, but for this, I asked if we could change it up. She was totally down for it," he says.
But, what Kylie gave up in lip color she was not willing to forsake in eyelashes — as in, an entire box of eyelashes. Click through to find out more about the products Scheppy used to get her look, grill not included.

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