Serial Fans Should Prepare For A New Addiction

If you're not listening to Serial, you should start. Like, right now. And, get ready to freak out. The weekly true-life murder mystery podcast everyone is talking about is worth your precious time.
Produced by the team behind This American Life and hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig, the show retraces old murder cases, often unearthing new evidence in real time. You can literally hear Sarah's mind changing about the culprit as facts are uncovered.
This is the type of show people obsess over — if you haven't heard someone talking about it in your gym, coffee shop, or on Facebook — you're not paying attention (or you're listening to episode 8 again).
And, now, the Onion's AV Club has created The Serial Serial, a podcast about Serial.
Not only is the concept hilarious, it's another way to catch up with theories on the show. Born from watercooler discussions at the Onion offices on Friday mornings (new episodes of the podcast debut on Thursdays) the staff discusses the show and indulges in random fandom. The new podcast will debut every Friday, but don't you dare listen until you've heard the latest episode, The Deal with Jay. (AV Club)

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