These Are Chubby Hamsters In Slow Motion. That Is All.

BuzzFeed owns a viral video generator. Its operational parameters are simple. There are only three variables that need to be selected — an adjective, a noun, and an action.
Some of the possible adjectives include words like "furry," "tiny," "lazy," and "super cute." Possible nouns are a small selection of animals, some domestic, some exotic. For instance, typical pets such as "dog," "cat," and even "pig" work. And, while "Sloth," "llama," and "baby koala," are from the opposite end of the spectrum, they're in the machine's database as well.
Finally, and perhaps most crucially, is the action. There can be nothing too strenuous selected here. "Eats burrito," "kisses baby," and "rolls around in own filth," all work. "Runs marathon," however, doesn't.
While the innards of the machine itself sound complex, all BuzzFeed has to do is pull a slot machine-style lever to make it work. And, just like that, "Chubby Hamsters in Slow Motion" was born.
What a beautiful baby it is. (BuzzFeed)

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