Watch A Tiny Hamster Eat A Tiny Burrito, For Your Daily Squeal

For whatever reason, we have been conditioned to immediately melt into a sappy puddle of "awes" and "wees" at the sight of a cute animal. Call it the Puppy-Eyes Effect, but it's real, and denying it only makes the effect stronger.
Cats, dogs, and, more recently, sloths have won the Internet's heart. But, hamsters, dear readers, are where it's at. If we're going to be specific: smaller-than-average hamsters eating smaller-than-average burritos at a smaller-than-average table is where it's at.
Just look at its tiny lil' hands holding that tiny lil' burrito meal its human so thoughtfully prepared. The sight of that nibbling is heart-wrenching in all of the right ways. Then our lil' buddy gets greedy and inhales his gourmet dinner all at once! Ah! Luckily, its human had second helping prepared so as to avoid an awkward Oliver-Twist-wanting-some-more moment. We, however, don't have that luxury. Please sir, can we watch some more?

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