A Woman Live-Tweeted The Tinder Date From Hell

Illustrated by: Emily Turner.n
Live-tweeting TV shows is so last week. So is live-tweeting obnoxiously drunk plane passengers. It seems the new fad is live-tweeting Tinder dates, as proven Carrie Mantha, an entrepreneur/physician/biotech consultant/hedge-fund investor (phew!) who found herself in a New York City restaurant seated next to the date from hell. Rather than keep her thoughts to herself, Mantha took to social media so that the world could experience the horror as it transpired in real-time.
After her incisively hilarious commentary went viral, Buzzfeed caught up with Mantha to find out what compelled her to live-tweet the date. "It’s the kind of thing my friends would find amusing had they been sitting there with me,” she said. "So many people were amused and the conversation kept getting funnier so I felt compelled to keep sharing.”
And, boy, are we glad she did. In fact, Mantha's commentary on dating in the age of social media is so spot on, she may want to consider changing her last name to Bradshaw.
To meet the man she refers to as the "Ron Burgundy of trust fund babies," click through.

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