9 Rules For Shopping At Harrods

When you're more Oliver Twist than Kate Middleton, it can be daunting to walk into Harrods, London’s most famous luxury department store. It's clear why the store has such a long-standing reputation for high standards — even the window displays look like glittering scenes from an exclusive fashion show. Doormen in lush green and gold suits greet you, as you wonder if the fabulous people passing through can smell that you occupy the lowest tax bracket. Usually, your idea of luxury is eating in at Pizza Express.
But, while Harrods might feel like seven floors of overwhelming mystery and $10,000 boxes of chocolate, it is absolutely worth exploring, whether or not you're interested in spending any money. It's one of London's most popular attractions: More than 15 million people from all over the world visit the store every year. Exude the right confidence, and your fellow shoppers could mistake you for the daughter of the inventor of toaster strudel. From knowing the dress code to finding the free samples, here are nine ways you can fit in like you've been shopping at Harrods all your life.