Heidi Klum’s Halloween Video Just Served All Of Y’all

Consider it our lot in life. No matter how much glue-gunning, face painting, or wig shopping you do, Heidi Klum is always (always!) going to win Halloween. Shuttle launches, Broadway musicals, and J.J. Abrams films have been conducted with less planning. It's insane.
If you want to try and give the Queen of Halloween a run for her money next year, though, here's your chance. Klum has posted a behind-the-scenes video of her startling transformation into a psychedelic butterfly for this year's Halloween. Play it really, really slowly and you just might be able to piece together every single step so you can DIY it at home. Provided, of course, you also happen to have a pile of money to cover supplies and a personal hair and makeup team.
Or, you could just take a look back at some of Klum's greatest costume hits and call it a day. Guys, the woman is rocking fake varicose veins and purple glitter skin. There's just no stopping her. Accept it.

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