Whoa: This Dress Lets You Change In Public Without Ever Getting Naked

The yoga class with 40 students and two changing rooms. The dread you feel at the thought of wearing your sweaty clothes home after a long weekend run. The morning-after walk where you don't want to wobble home in last night's party dress.
There are so many reasons why a woman may want or need to change in public. But, until now there's been no practical way to do so without also flashing said public. And, that is why you, and every woman you know, will likely want an Undress.
Currently the most funded dress in Kickstarter history, the Undress bills itself as a "fashionable and functional mobile changing room." We were, admittedly, a bit skeptical until we watched this video, in which the Undress' co-founder April Estrada ably demonstrates how to change from workout to regular clothes without ever flashing more than a bit of calf, thanks to the garment's brilliant system of hooks and cutouts. If it sounds confusing, just hit the video, and all will be explained — in an oddly soothing, hypnotic way.
The Undress is also reversible, features hidden pockets, and can transform into a shoulder bag for easier toting, or a car-seat cover. If Inspector Gadget wore a dress instead of a trench coat, this would be the one.
The project originally had a $22,000 funding goal, but as of this writing, it's garnered an astonishing $484,108 (and counting). Clearly, there's a world full of women eager to never hop around half-naked while holding a towel around their torsos, or change in a rancid Porta Potty again.
Click here to fund the project until 10 p.m. tonight — $69 gets you the most amazing go-go-Gadget dress we've ever seen. (Kickstarter)

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