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Lorde’s Going Back To The Future

With an astronomically successful first LP, a closet full of awards, a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, and full control over the newest Hunger Games soundtrack, one has to wonder: Where does Lorde go from here? She's nearly 18, for Pete's sake!
Well, vacation is one. Lorde tells Billboard in her latest cover interview that once her tour wraps and the Mockingjay excitement settles down, she'll be exploring one of the biggest cities she doesn't see on tour. Of course, her elusiveness doesn't lead her to divulge where. But, that's besides the point.
Lorde has been going non-stop since Pure Heroine dropped over a year ago. In her interview with Billboard, Lorde reflects on the ups and downs that have come with life in the spotlight. She's gotten to work with her idols (Kanye West and Grace Jones), but she's experienced how mean the world can be, too. "It's because people don't really think of you as a person," she explains. "You're this entity, this brand. I had a bit of a realization last year." Now she just sees it all as something "silly."
As for what's next musically? Something different. Lorde says it'll be a step forward, but doesn't reveal much more. What we do know, as evidenced by her BFF Taylor Swift, is that it'll "bring an intelligence, an edge and a wit that we haven't seen in mainstream pop music in a very long time." Hell, David Bowie has told her that "listening to you is like listening to tomorrow."
Where will Lorde go from here? The future, obviously.

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