These Emoji Masks Are Kind Of Terrifying

Photo: Courtesy of Emoji Masks.
Emoji have permeated every other aspect of our life, so why not Halloween?
A company is selling five different emoji masks at the aptly named For a mere $5 (or $15 for the set), you can go as the grin, heart eyes, sly guy, smile, and of course, the poop emoji. (Don't worry, we feel as odd writing that as you do reading it.)
What's fascinating about these masks is that they can go one of two ways. Your 5-year-old neighbor Billy could slip on the sly guy mask and be the cutest thing you ever did see. Or, after you've gone to bed, a group of five tall, dark strangers could be loitering on your porch while wearing emoji masks and brandishing giant machetes. In other words, these are the most creepy/cute costumes of the year.
Also, please don't steal the idea we literally just came up with for a massive slasher franchise. Emoji: The Recknoning. Coming soon to a theater near you. (The Huffington Post)

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