Runners Will Be Obsessed With These 26 Race Instagrams

It can be difficult to describe what it feels like to cross the finish line at a race. Sure, rewarding, thrilling, challenging, and exhausting are all part of it, but that’s why we turned to Instagram to capture exactly what this joyful-yet-tiring celebration looks like.
This past weekend was a big one for runners, with the Nike Women’s Half Marathon taking over the hills in San Francisco. Some of the participants do it for the bling (this race is known for it’s Tiffany & Co. finishers' necklace), others race to benefit a charity, and others do it for themselves — we're supportive of anything that keeps your head (and feet) in the game from training through to the finish line.
From inspired nail art to post-race celebrations, and funny signs to a proposal, here are the most kick-ass Instagram images from a few of the 25,000 go-getters who ran San Fran. Maybe you'll be inspired to lace up your sneakers and a log a mile or two.