This Woman's Tribute To Her Beloved Dog Will Make You Cry

The word bittersweet was coined for moments like this.
Like many pet owners, Maria Sharp's best friend growing up was her dog, Chubby. Over the years Chubby's health began to decline, until Sharp finally had to come to terms with a harsh reality. Chubby was dying.
To pay tribute to her beloved dog, the 23-year-old photographer created a touching photo series with the help of photographer Suzanne Price.
"Chubby was an amazing dog, the perfect companion for me to grow up with," Sharp told us via e-mail. "One time my friend Sarah was over and for some reason we had a stroller in the garage, and we dressed Chubby up and took her for a ride in the stroller down the street," she added. "Chubby was a real trooper and always tolerated my weird antics."
Unfortunately there are no Chubby-in-a-stroller pics in this series, but they are imbued with that same loving spirit.
For more on Sharp's life her dog, check out her blog — a digital ode to Chubby.
Now everyone go hug your pets.

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