Coming Soon: Clutches That Protect You From Identity Theft

It only took accessory brand Articulate four days to raise $10,000 for its new Kickstarter project: a clutch that protects against identity theft. Which means this is an issue a lot of people are concerned about. It's a crime that, according to The Bureau of Justice Statistics, affected 16.6 million people in 2012. And, Articulate aims to end it.
The bags contain a material that protects against Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is the technology that allows you to tap your debit card at a checkout counter to pay — but, RFID-enabled cards can also be a target of "electronic pickpocketing," which allows thieves to steal your card info by placing their smartphones near it. If you carry a U.S. passport issued after 2007, that contains an RFID chip, too — which means all your personal info is vulnerable to electronic theft along with your financial specs. Kind of makes you never want to leave the house again, right?
While Articulate is not the only RFID-blocking clutch on the market, it's definitely one of the more stylish options (the brand's wallets are pretty cute, too), since most other styles come in black, brown...and black. Articulate's, on the other hand, are colorful and big enough to fit your smartphone, cards, and cash. Plus, you can carry them in your hand, wear them as wristlets, or use the included shoulder strap (because crossbody bags protect you from regular, old-fashioned theft, too).
The Kickstarter is open for business until November 22, and even though it's already fully funded, you can still donate to get yourself a clutch for a limited-time discount price of $35 (after that, they'll be available for $42). It's a pretty small price to pay for not spending your Sunday morning on the phone, canceling every credit card you own.

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