The Best Touchdown Dances Of All Time

Back in 1999, Terrell Davis used his touchdown dance to honor the military and their families. The subtext of this particular dance is, "This one's for you, 'Murrica." It was pretty awesome — but he definitely wasn't the first man to bust a sweet move on the field.
The touchdown dance actually dates way back. In 1965, Homer Jones of the New York Giants spiked the football in celebration of his touchdown. In 1971, Elmo Wright of the Kansas City Chiefs did the first-ever end-zone dance. Then, in 1983, the Washington Redskins joined in a touchdown celebration high five, earning them the nickname of the Fun Bunch.
We officially had a trend on our hands. Sure, maybe it was slow to start. But, the touchdown dance picked up steam quickly in the '80s. These days, it's an art form that allows players to have a sort of signature. (You may not be able to see his face on the field, but you'll recognize Victor Cruz's salsa anywhere.) Ahead, a brief history of some of the most memorable turf dances of all time.

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