Blake Lively Shows Off Her Baby Bump In The Prettiest Of Muumuus

Photo: Everett Collection/REX USA.
Blake Lively is not just an actress who's all buddy-buddy with Lagerfeld. She’s also someone who famously dresses herself; she has claimed she doesn’t use a stylist. Self-styling is something we admire, especially in an industry where almost everyone has professional help. So, when Lively took to the red carpet last night for the first time post-pregnancy-announcement, it was a pretty big moment.
We imagine Blake is stressing about the same things as every other first-time mother: What silhouettes do I wear? Should I go oversized or take the super-stretch route? What size am I, anyway? Of course, to pile on the pressure, this mama-to-be also has countless cameras examining her first attempt to #stylethebump. Then, there's the fact that — the elephant in the room — scrutiny of Blake is particularly intense since her recent controversial "The Allure of Antebellum" editorial on Preserve.
Drama aside, we think this outfit — like most that Blake has pulled together in the past — was a success. In fact, the Michael Kors resort '15 dress' oversized fit and seaming (just under the bust and below the hips) complements and frames the actress' growing bump perfectly. With its all-over pattern of pink and purple flecks, it was something of a maternity muumuu — but certainly not one of the can't-see-the-shape-of-your-body kinds. After all, Blake doesn't want to look like she's "hiding, you know, animals."

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