8 iOS 8 Tips You Never Knew You Wanted But Totally Need

It's been almost a month since Apple's iOS 8 was released. Which means that by now, you've gone from timid new friends who rarely make eye contact to burgeoning besties who share their pudding at lunchtime. But, just in case you're still not ready to show iOS 8 the real you (or vice versa), Buzzfeed has created a video that should launch your friendship into warp speed. (Note: If you're thinking about a certain scene in Her, we're sorry to say you've come to the wrong site. These tips are of the PG variety.)
One of the most useful new features highlighted in the video is the ability to drop your location in iMessage. Gone are the days of "Wait, what side of the street are you on?" Instead, just tap on "details" in the upper right-hand corner of your message thread, hit "send my current location," and voila! You and your friend will be draining margaritas at that nondescript back-alley tequila joint in no time.
Another snazzy feature for all you aspiring Bigelows out there is the camera's time-lapse mode. With just one tap of a button, you can slow down the frames-per-second of your video and capture the hustle and bustle of your life in a purely cinematic way. Your walk to work will never look the same again. (Okay, so maybe Bigelow is a bit of a stretch, but how does second-year film student sound?)
For more BuzzFeed-approved iOS 8 tips, check out the video below.

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