Do Not Read This If Clowns Freak You Out

It's a nice evening. You've finally gotten around to watching the American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere episode on your DVR. To shake off the tension, you decide to go out for a drive and maybe grab a hamburger at your favorite diner. You're walking back to your car, slurping the dregs of your milkshake and humming "American Girl" to yourself. That's when you look up and see THIS.
It's a story the residents of Wasco, California know all too well. Citizens have reported sightings of impossibly creepy clowns lurking in the night, armed with balloons and inviting townsfolk to "come out and play." (Note: A chill ran down my spine as I typed that sentence.)
It sounds like every horrible nightmare you've ever had. It might seem like it could even be an AHS: Freak Show publicity stunt. But, in reality, it's merely an Instagram photo project created by some dude and his wife. Or, at least that's what they want us to think.
Either way, we hope this creepy epidemic remains contained in California's Central Valley. People of Wasco, you have our sympathies. (Jezebel)

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