Drunk Guys Love Cats More Than You Love Anything

"Drunk In Love" isn't a hit song for nothing. Sure, it's created by the world's most powerful artist and makes you wanna dance. But, it also reflects the very real sentiment that when you're three sheets to the wind, you wanna talk about who you love, and why you love them. For several men in a new BuzzFeed video, that means talking about cats.
In their inebriated ramblings, they share thoughts you've had more times than you care to admit. They say things like, "I'm half a cat away from being a crazy cat lady," and, "I'm drunk and I love cats. What more do you need to know?" They highlight some of the annoying behavior of cats, too. But, as one participant says, "If you have a shitty cat, it's because you're a shitty person. It's just science."
Watch as these men embrace the feline empire and establish themselves as the nation's most eligible bachelors.

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