This SFW "Consent Porn" Is Just The Best

Video: Courtesy of UltraViolet.
The current scourge of campus rape culture is possibly the least funny issue we can think of. But, this video, illustrating the wonderful world of verbal consent, is kind of hilarious. UltraViolet, the same activist group that drew much attention to the issue of on-campus rape, produced this retro-porn-style video that encourages students to adopt a policy of "yes means yes."
Largely created for students at schools under investigation for Title IX violations, the video will air at hundreds of colleges and universities, including Dartmouth, Harvard, and Hobart & William Smith — where some of the most publicized cases recently occurred. Another UltraViolet video takes on the issue with a very different tactic: It features a student calling his parents from jail after being arrested for rape.
“As we all now know, universities across the country have failed students [when it comes to] campus rape,” says UltraViolet co-founder Shaunna Thomas. “Together, these ads highlight that consent isn’t just sexy; it’s mandatory." And, as depicted here, it's no mood-killer.
Both videos send a clear message about the realities of assault and consent — and they do it in an innovative way. In fact, "consent porn" might be our new favorite form of activism. Check out the SFW sexytimes here. Then, get more details on the campaign at

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