This Is What Minimalist Jewelry Will Look Like In The Future

One of the best parts about seeing next's spring fashion during the fall is that you feel like you're engaging in some insider trading, getting tips on which pieces to stock up on before the weather turns. And, more often than not, we get that feeling most urgently when we see the Céline show. This time around, we're putting our money on thick-knit fringe. We're doubling down on side-cutouts. We're trading our bonds for elbow-height, off-the-shoulder straps. (Does it sound like we know about finance yet?) And, mostly, we're investing in minimalist jewelry.
Many of the looks Phoebe Philo sent down the runway were finished off with a necklace made of black cord with one chunky, white centerpiece. No, the accessories did not outshine the clothes; they never do with Céline. But, we'd bet our bottom dollar it's these little bits of styling that we'll see emulated on the street, at Zara fast-fashion, and all over lookbooks come spring — or your money back.

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