Here's The Bendgate Conspiracy Theory We've All Been Waiting For

bendgate embedPhoto: Courtesy of Unbox Therapy.
Bendgate just won't go away. Yesterday, Apple released a half-rebuttal, half-mea culpa that in theory, should have put the controversy to bed. But, a group of Apple fans won't let Bendgate die, and have theorized that the tech giant is the victim of an intricate plot orchestrated by the mainstream media (who else?).
The amateur detectives have called into question the veracity of the viral video from Unbox Therapy, in which a bespectacled man named Lou, bends an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands. According to some eagle-eyed reddit users, the clip may have been edited in a way that would completely destroy its legitimacy.
The gist of it, from reddit user "akrosdabay " (weird name, btw):
"When he is bending it with his bare hands, the phone shows 2:26 p.m. Then, talking about it that later claiming it has bent as a consequence of his actions earlier in the video, the phone shows 1:58 p.m. Then later when he is summarizing, the time on the phone is 1:58 - 2:00 and has a bend in it. Then it shows 2 p.m. and the phone is straight with some possible damage near the volume button."
Okay, so this isn't exactly the Zapruder film, but something fishy is definitely at play. The question is, why would anyone go to such extreme lengths to convince the world that the iPhone 6 Plus might bend a little when extreme force is applied? Is he an ex-employee who's still bitter that Apple wouldn't give him his own private restroom? Is Apple CEO Tim Cook on his rec basketball team and just doesn't pass very often? Does he work for...Microsoft!?
The truth is, Lou likely did bend his iPhone in some capacity — whether there was iMovie trickery involved or not — and he did it for clicks. Guess what: it worked. Hats off to you, Lou; your next iPhone is on us (not really). (Business Insider )

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