Watch A Man Bend The iPhone 6 Plus With His Bare Hands

Yesterday we told you about #Bendgate, the growing controversy surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus, and its unexpected malleability. Disgruntled users took to message boards far and wide, to tell their own personal horror stories of their brand new iPhones bending after having spent prolonged amounts of time nestled in their pockets. They even posted the photos to prove it.
While Apple has yet to make an official statement on the perceived defect, it looks like Tim Cook might have to emerge from his Cupertino confines sooner rather than later. #Bendgate isn't going anywhere.
Lou from Unbox Therapy decided to put his new handset to the test — by bending it with his bare hands. As you may have guessed, Lou succeeds, which will be disconcerting for the millions of people who've already made the device upgrade. The good news is that Lou applied quite a bit of pressure, which means that the device will only bend if you go into full-on Hulk mode. The bad news is that because of its thinness, length, and aluminum frame, there's not much Apple can do about it.
Watch the video below.

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