Yes, Your iPhone Wants This Tiny Bed

Our cell phones are to us as oxygen is to our lungs. Save for the time we're waiting for their batteries to recharge, these devices are practically glued to our palms 24/7. But, sometimes we need a break. Toy manufacturer Kitan Club definitely thinks our smartphones need some downtime away from us.
Yes, the Japanese brand has come up with a line of teeny-tiny beds tailored for mobiles. Packed with a comforter and pillow, the collection of pouches aim to give your phone a good night's sleep — and possibly prevent #Bendgate from happening. If you think about it, the item actually makes a lot of sense: Between sending out texts, giving us directions and acting as our personal assistant/alarm clock, our busy gadgets deserve to be on the receiving end of some TLC.
The Internet certainly agrees with us — these mini futons are all the rage on Twitter. Yahoo! Japan reports that the product announcement has already been retweeted over 17,000 times since late June. People are even using these soft cases for other purposes — some of them downright hilarious. With such viral response, we're not surprised that cribs for your other valuables are already on the horizon.
But, if you're hoping to tuck your phone in tonight, we have some bad news: The beds are only available at capsule toy vending machines in Japan. To fill that void, click on to see the best alternative uses of the beds we found from Twitter, as well as images of the full lineup.

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