Let’s All Adopt Mindy Kaling’s “Be Healthy & Look Hot” Mantra

rexusa_2363828piPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Mindy Kaling is pretty amazing at shutting down haters. While we may often wonder why she has to do so, or why any woman needs to defend the way she dresses, listening to the way Kaling speaks for herself is so inspiring we can't help but lean a bit closer, hoping to steal a bit of her shine by osmosis.
In a recent interview with Huffpost Live, when asked about how women get scrutinized much more closely when it comes to their style than men, Kaling had one of her signature truth bombs at the ready:
"I'm not impervious to people criticizing the way that I look. I'm like anybody else. I always want to be healthy and look hot, all the time." And, with that, Kaling basically coined our new daily affirmation.
The interview continues to discuss how clothing plays a major part in how we express ourselves, but that ultimately the criticism from the outside doesn't matter. (Bye, haters.) We couldn't agree more. And, when it comes down to it, as long as we feel healthy and hot every day, why would we need to listen to anyone who says differently? Click over to watch all of Mindy's interview. (Huffpost Style)

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